200 Billion daddy longlegs to invade the UK this Autumn

UK homes are set to be invaded by billions of daddy longlegs after a wet but warm summer.
There could be as many as 200 billion crane flies, as they are sometimes known as, which are expected to hatch this autumn.

Many of the species, Tipula paludosa, are already found in the UK measuring up to an inch in size.But the warm weather has encouraged the non-native species, Tipula maxima, to descend on the country.
They have a leg span of up to four inches.

Buglife’s Rory Dimond said: “They are gradually spreading northwards. They are a non-native species.

“They come in from the trading points down the south, in areas like Dover and Kent.

“When the summer is warmer, they have more chance of wandering between houses and colonising that way.”


September 8th, 2016 by