Armed SAS troops deployed on London Underground with shoot to kill orders

Armed special forces troops are being deployed on the London Underground and have been told to ‘shoot to kill’ terrorists.

Members of the SAS and the Special Reconnaissance Regiment have been told to target terrorists who are on trains, buses and planes.

It is believed some of the troops will patrol the busy tube network in the capital in pairs and will be disguised as couples.

They will be armed with Glock 9mm semi-automatic pistols so they can ‘take down’ potential gunmen and suicide bombers, reports the Daily Star Sunday.

Those in the special covert teams have been trained at the SAS base in Hereford for the past few months.

A source said they are trained in ‘rapid-fire techniques’ and told the newspaper: ‘The task force is comprised of some of the most experienced special forces personnel in the Army.

‘The unit is composed of some of both male and female personnel from the Special Reconnaissance Regiment who are trained killers and can pose as couples while travelling on public transport.’

September 18th, 2017 by