Authorities slammed after baby’s death on same night his family was evicted


A serious case report has detailed how social housing agencies could have done more for a child who died on the same night that his family was evicted from their home.

Baby ‘John’, who had been born six weeks prematurely, passed away at the age of 10 weeks, after his parents and one-year-old sister were thrown out of their Warwickshire family home.

The family had moved in with grandparents that night, and John was staying on the sofa with his mother. When the unnamed woman woke up the next day, she discovered that her son was dead.

Following the tragic incident, Warwickshire County Council launched a case review into the child’s death, and a report has unveiled some rather damning revelations.

As well as the lack of risk assessment while the mother gave birth in hospital, it has emerged that there was ‘an assumption by other professionals’ that social care was supporting and helping the family to manage their issues; this, of course, was not the case.

October 15th, 2015 by