BREAKING: Gun shots and EXPLOSION heard in Westminster London

‘Gun shots and explosions’ have been reported in Westminster after a suspect package was found less than a mile from where the London terror attack unfolded.

Witnesses reported the explosion at 8.30pm tonight and police confirmed that they had found a package near Buckingham Palace.

A Met Police spokesman claimed that no explosion has taken place on Birdcage Walk, near where mourners have gathered for a vigil in Trafalgar Square.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman told MailOnline that officers had been called after a suspect package was found in Birdcage Walk, close to Buckingham Palace.

Paul Abernethy‏ wrote on Twitter: ‘Down in Westminster, just heard what sounded like an explosion. Not sure what happened though. Police said they were dealing w/ new incident.’

A police spokesman said: ‘Officers were called at 7.40pm, he stated.

He said: ‘In this case we are dealing with a suspect package.’

The spokesman said police would not be releasing further information.

More to follow…

March 23rd, 2017 by