BREAKING: Horrific screaming as London Underground station evacuated


A BUSY London tube station was evacuated this morning after a woman got her foot trapped between a train and the platform.

Canning Town station was closed as emergency services rushed to free the woman from the gap.

Witnesses described hearing “horrific screaming” during the “absolutely horrendous” incident just after 8am this morning.

Commuter Georgia Louise Riley wrote on Twitter: “I heard lots of screaming and she shouted something about being in a lot of pain.

“I didn’t see but somebody said if the tube moved, her leg would have just gone. She sounded like she was in so much pain.”

Jo Stone added: “I’m not gonna be able 2 get that sound out my head 2day.

“Really hope they’ll b ok. Late for work, But that’s minor to what they going through.”

Marcio Delgado added: “How many times people have to hear ‘mind the gap’ to actually mind it? Woman trapped her feet in Canning Town today.”

Transport for London confirmed services have resumed, but with severe delays.

May 26th, 2016 by