BREAKING: Hundreds evacuated from Eurostar terminal by soldiers with machine guns

breaking-news-2Eurostar services have been suspended after reports soldiers “with machine guns” stormed a station.

It is claimed on social media a passenger with a souvenir World War Two bullet has caused the evacuation from the Paris terminal Gare du Nord.

According to journalist Barney Ronay: “Eurostar departures at gare Du nord been evacuated/suspended while army investigate someone’s shopping. Don’t sweat it if you’re late.”

He added: “Passenger with ww2 souvenir bullet in bag. Soldiers with machine guns evacuate hundreds of people from Eurostar terminal.”

Eurostar said on Twitter services security checks are being carried out.

A spokesperson told Daily Star Online: “We’re holding train #es9015 for the moment while the terminal’s evacuated for security checks, estimated delay 40 mins.”

September 14th, 2016 by