BREAKING: Multiple people killed and wounded in knife attack at Egyptian holiday resort

Two German tourists have been killed and four of other nationalities wounded during a knife attack at a beach in Egypt.

The attack happened on Friday at a Red Sea resort in Hurghada, as police said the assailant swam from a nearby beach before stabbing people.

Security and medical sources had earlier reported the two women killed were Ukrainians, but Major General Mohamed El-Hamzawi, security manager of Red Sea province, said victims have been identified as Germans.

 All six victims are women, Egyptian authorities said.

It is not yet confirmed what nationalities the four wounded women are, with one report stating that three were from Serbia and one from Poland, while another said two Czech women had been injured.

The attacker was detained at the scene as an extraordinary image shows what appear to be hotel staff holding him down in the bottom of a luggage cart.

Authorities have not released a motive for his attack, but ISIS does operate within Egypt and has targeted tourists in the past.

Three foreign tourists were stabbed at the same resort in January 2016 by two suspected ISIS militants.

On that occasion the assailants – armed with a gun, a knife and a suicide belt – landed on the beach of a hotel in Hurghada by boat before attacking.

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