BREAKING: NHS reveal how many people in critical condition following London terrorist attack

Twenty-one people are still fighting for life after the London Bridge terror attack. 

Seven people were killed when three men drove a van into pedestrians, then got out and stabbed people in Borough Market last night.

At least 49 others were taken to hospital, with still others treated as walking wounded.

More details emerged today about the levels of injuries, with 21 people still in a critical condition according to NHS England.

‘Critical’ is the most severe term to describe a patient’s condition. It means they are still fighting for life and their vital signs are not stable. They are likely to be in intensive care or requiring surgery.

The attackers, wielding long knives, ran down a set of stairs into Borough Market, where there were thousands of people enjoying their nights out in restaurants and pubs.

The attackers stabbed people in several different restaurants, in the attack which lasted around eight minutes before they were shot dead by armed police.

June 4th, 2017 by