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July 24th, 2017 by admin

A truck driver deliberately drove at pedestrians in Manchester city centre last night.

Police have confirmed the incident was not a terror attack but believe the driver was targeting a pedestrian.

The red lorry struck one man during the incident on Well Street, next to The Printworks , shortly after 11.20pm.

The man made off from the scene in a BMW before officers arrived to the scene.

He was later found and was not suffering from any serious injuries.

The truck chased the man in the BMW for a short time and a window of the car was smashed.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact police on 101 quoting the reference number 2337 of 23/07/17 or alternatively contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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July 22nd, 2017 by admin

Britain’s most notorious hate preacher has received more than £140,000 in taxpayer-funded legal aid in his attempt to dodge jail for supporting ISIS.

Anjem Choudary was put behind bars in August after being found guilty of inciting support for the terror group in a series of sick online lectures.

He is believed to have inspired at least 110 Britons into committing terrorist acts and encouraged up to 850 fanatics to travel to Syria to fight for the Islamic State.

It has been revealed he billed the taxpayer £140,557 for his unsuccessful court battle – and the figure is set to rise as his lawyers continue to file claims.

The data, revealed in a freedom of information request, includes £98,122 to pay for a solicitor, £23,569 for another court lawyer, and £18,866 in legal firm expenses.

After an Old Bailey trial shrouded in secrecy, Choudary was found guilty of ‘inviting support for a proscribed organisation’ under the Terrorism Act 2000.

His deputy, Mizanur Rahman, was convicted of the same offence, and the pair were each sentenced to five and a half years in prison.

Choudary has long served as the smug public face of radical Islam, organising protests against British troops and spouting his bile in TV interviews.


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July 19th, 2017 by admin

The Royal Navy swooped on a flotilla of Chinese warships primed to carry out war drills in a tense stand off in the English Channel.

HMS Richmond tracked down the Chinese ships off the coast of Britain as they prepared to carry out joint military exercises with Russia in the Baltic Sea.

In a show of Britain’s defence capabilities, the Type 23 frigate tailed the Chinese destroyers as they sailed through the Strait of Dover over the weekend.

Just days earlier, the advanced guided missile destroyers had taken part in in live firing exercises in the Mediterranean.


Kremlin vessels are regularly escorted through waters off Britain as Vladimir Putin flaunts his military capabilities.

But Chinese vessels are a rare occurrence, suggesting the communist nation is also looking to project its power on the global stage.

China is holding military exercises with Putin’s forces in the Baltic Sea from July 21 to July 28.


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July 17th, 2017 by admin

A woman who had her bike stolen by a group of thieves has beaten them at their own game.

Jenni Morton-Humphreys, 30, said that police weren’t interested so she set up her own sting to get her German racing bike back.

Within 24 hours she met a man on a street corner to ‘test drive’ the bike, but sped off.

It vanished from Bristol city centre when someone cut through the bike chain.

In a bid to track it down, Jenni posted a picture of the bike on the Bristol Cycling Group Facebook page and asked anyone who saw it to get in touch.

She was contacted by a fellow cyclist who was angered by what had happened to her, and found the bike listed for sale online.

The man contacted the seller saying his sister – Jenni – was interested in buying a bike and wanted to look at it.

They arranged a time for Jenni to meet a friend of the seller on a street corner of Stapleton Road, Easton, once known as the most dangerous street in Britain.

A friend accompanied her but walked ahead so the thief would not know they were together – and as soon as Jenni saw the bike she knew it was hers.

She said: ‘I pretended to be interested and asked silly questions about the bike. I said the saddle was too high, and asked if I could get on it to test it out.

‘I made sure I had nothing on me, no possessions at all apart from the stuff in my hands – and they were a cigarette packet and a set of keys.

‘I handed them to this guy as I got on the bike and said ‘here, hold my stuff’.

That meant he let go of the bike for the first time. I wobbled off a bit on the bike and then when I was a couple of yards away I just went for it. I pedalled as fast as I could.’

Someone shouted ‘she’s not coming back’ and the shocked bike thief began texting Jenni’s co-conspirator, who had pretended to be her brother.

Jenni added: ‘I didn’t look back to see if they were chasing me. My main thought was that I was worried because I didn’t really know where I was, where I was going, or the area at all, and I was worried that I might have to go back that way or end up going round in a circle.

‘But it was fine because quite soon, I hit a big roundabout and was able to find a different way back to the city centre, so I wasn’t scared at that point.’

The furious seller told her ‘brother’: ‘I need 95 quid lively.’

Jenni’s new pal, who asked not to be named, replied: ‘She’s probably took it straight home. Not surprised though, because it is her bike that was stolen yesterday.

‘Lesson to be learned son. Don’t steal from the cycling community for a quick fix. You played yourself.’

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July 16th, 2017 by admin

Brits are bracing themselves for a scorching hot summer this year with hot temperatures to last until October.

Forecasters are predicting a hotter than average weather spell over the next three months that could see the mercury rise to 36C – as hot as parts of Africa.

Britain has seen bouts of hot weather over the last couple of months with the hottest day of the year so far being 34.5C, recorded on June 21 at Heathrow in London.

The next spell is set to begin in about a week’s time, after a few days of rain, with some parts of the country expected to see temperatures nudge 30C.


The Met Office forecast for July until September said: “The chances of a very hot summer are increased compared to normal, although relatively low overall.

“There is a shift in likelihood towards warmer-than-average conditions.

“For July to September, above average temperatures are more probable than below average.

“The probability UK average temperatures fall into the warmest of our five categories is 30 per cent.”

The Weather Outlook forecaster Brian Gaze told the Daily Star Sunday: “Highs of 36C are on the cards this summer, with warm air expected to blow in from Africa.

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July 13th, 2017 by admin

A tourist has died after she was blown off her feet by the powerful jet blast of a passenger plane at a famous beach where aircraft fly just above holidaymakers’ heads.

The 57-year-old woman reportedly hit her head after being knocked over as people were holding onto a chain link fence at the airport in the Dutch Caribbean territory of Sint Maarten.

A local official said the woman was standing near the fence when she was knocked over by the jet blast from a departing plane.

Thousands of thrill-seeking tourists gather on Maho Beach every day to watch planes land and take off at Princess Juliana International Airport, dubbed one of the ‘scariest’ in the world due to low-flying aircraft.

Rolando Brison, director of tourism for the island, which is divided between France and the Netherlands, said the woman was from New Zealand.

He told the New Zealand Herald : “I met with the family of the deceased … and while they recognised that what they did was wrong, through the clearly visible danger signs, they regret that risk they took turned out in the worst possible way.

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June 25th, 2017 by admin

Terrified tourists ran out of the sea after a blue shark came close to the shore in a popular Majorcan holiday resort.

The eight-foot fish with the tell-tale fin was spotted near swimmers in Illetas close to Magaluf just after midday on Saturday.

The ocean-dwelling predator came and went within five minutes, sparking pandemonium causing swimmers to race out of the water.

Extraordinary photos taken by stunned onlookers show the shark swimming towards a group of people including children on lilos.

Civil Guard were alerted and Civil Protection workers monitored the area for several hours afterwards to make sure the shark, known as a tintorera in Spanish, did not reappear.

The fish is thought to have moved close to the shore after becoming disorientated before vanishing after swimming back out to sea.

A blue shark was blamed for an attack on a swimmer off a popular Ibiza holiday beach last month which left him needed emergency hospital treatment.

The Spanish pensioner was treated for a two-inch gash to his hand just over a week ago after being bitten off the beach at Playa d’en Bossa.

Several people are said to have left the water after the incident, although the beach was not closed to swimmers.

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June 25th, 2017 by admin

A teenage girl has plunged eight metres (25ft) from a halted theme park ride into a crowd of people trying to catch her.

The unnamed 14-year-old fell from the Sky Ride at Six Flags Amusement Park in Lake George, New York state, on Saturday night.

She was rushed to hospital after plummeting from the gondola ride but is in a stable condition with no serious injuries.

The girl, from Delaware, was in one of the ride’s two-person cars with another child, a relative of hers, when it was stopped by an operator following a report someone was in distress, officials said.

After falling from the car, the girl struck a tree before landing in the crowd of park guests and employees, who had gathered below in a bid to catch her.

The teenager was treated by park staff before being taken to a local hospital by ambulance and then airlifted to Albany Medical Centre, 55 miles away.

A 47-year-old man was treated at hospital for a back injury he suffered while attempting to catch the falling teen.

The ride has been closed in order to carry out safety checks but officials said it appeared to be working properly.

The park said: “There does not appear to be any malfunction of the ride, but we have closed the attraction until a thorough review can be completed.”

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June 25th, 2017 by admin

Britain is to roast in four more heatwaves in the high 80Fs this summer.

After the hottest June day for 41 years on Wednesday – at 94F (34C) – forecasters say an “ice cream summer” is on the way for Britain. The verdict will cheer fans and families ahead of Wimbledon, which starts a week tomorrow, and school holidays in late July and August.

The Met Office reported an increased chance of a “very hot” summer and said “frequently” above-average temperatures are predicted over the three months to the start of September.

After a cooler and showery week ahead, Government weathermen predict more hot spells after next weekend and through July.

Up to four more heatwaves – 86F or higher – are due this summer as more heat blows in from scorching 113F Spain, global forecaster The Weather Company said.

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June 24th, 2017 by admin

Ten cars were on fire in a huge blaze that sent thick black smoke billowing into the air in south London.

Twenty firefighters in four fire engines were scrambled to the scene in Croydon after crews received almost 50 calls to the incident.

Footage from the area showed large plumes of smoke rising into the sky on Saturday morning.

A Croydon fire station spokesman said officers were called to reports of pallets alight near Makro wholesaler in Peterwood Way.

London Fire Brigade urged people to avoid the area as crews continued to battle the flames.

It wrote on Twitter: “4 fire engines & 20 firefighters are dealing with a blaze involving 10 cars in #Purley. We’ve take nearly fifty 999 calls. Please avoid area.”

More to follow…

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