Come Dine With Me contestant reveals why Rory was removed mid show

Come Dine With Me removed a contestant mid-show for the first time ever recently and ever since, viewers have been trying to solve the mystery over why producers kicked Rory off of the competition.

We had seen him clash with a fellow diner over Take That and then, without warning, Dave Lamb informed us all that after events which followed the party, Rory had been removed. The Rory mystery intrigued fans, with one even submitting a Freedom Of Information request but now, one of the other people who took part on the show has shed some light on what happened.

Speaking to Dumfermline Press, the first host Jennifer explained: ‘I loved meeting the others, and me and my husband are going along to one of their 40th birthdays. There was a bit of a drama, though, and a first on the show.

‘On the first night, everybody came to mine, and on the second night the host had a bit of an argument with the other gentleman… the producer said if the host didn’t apologise, he would get kicked off the show.’

Of course, Rory didn’t apologise so it was goodbye.

January 13th, 2017 by