Couple banned from Wetherspoons pub after complaining about steak

Peter Conn, 60, and his wife Jayne, 58, have been regulars at the Old Manor pub in Bracknell for 24 years and always enjoy their weekly steak and chips meal on Tuesday evenings.

But after making several complaints about the declining quality of food in person and over email with the restaurant’s manager, Peter said he was banned from the pub last November.

“I know it is not the Savoy, you get what you pay for,” Peter told the News on Friday, January 3. “Normally it is very good, I cannot understand why they would ban me because of a complaint.

“When we went there last the steak was not up to the standard to what I expected, then on two or three occasions I emailed them and told them so.

“I got an email back from the manager saying, ‘look, if the quality of food was not up to standard then I suggest you go elsewhere.’

Peter, from Lovedean Court, Forest Park, who works as sales executive at Mercedes in the town, said the whole situation has caused great upset for him and his disabled wife of ten years.

“I thought it was a bit of a joke,” he said. “I did not realise he meant what he said. I was standing at the bar and the manager approached me and said, ‘are you the gentleman who emailed us? I meant what I said’.

February 8th, 2017 by