EastEnders’ Les Coker’s Secret REVEALED As He Admits …

Les Coker’s secret has been revealed on EastEnders.revealThe funeral director – who was caught with his pants down in Claudette’s front parlour last week – had an emotional showdown with his wife Pam when he made his startling confession.

Instead of having an affair with Claudette as Pam suspected, and then a mystery woman called Christine, Les stunned his wife of 30 years by admitting that he is Christine. “I’m Christine. Christine is me,” he said before explaining his secret life to his wife.

Les revealed that he’d been dressing as Christine since he was seven-years-old. “Since I was seven,” he told Pam. “Claudette and me, I told you, I wasn’t lying, there was never anything sexual between us. There’s never been another women. When we got married I didn’t feel the need but then Laurie died I needed some way to express my pain. That’s when Christine came into my life. She’s real, she exists and when it gets to much for me I…”

The dodgy funeral director – who has repeatedly denied having an affair with wife Pam’s best friend Claudette in the BBC One soap – was caught last week in nearly the altogether in Claudette’s front parlour.

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