Gemma Collins Reveals The REAL Reason She Quit TOWIE – And It’s Not Pretty!

Outspoken Gemma Collins broke our hearts when she hung up her stilettos and announced she was quitting TOWIE; now the star has opened up about why she decided to leave – explaining the pressure of being on screen was causing some rather unpleasant side effects.GCGemma, who has shed an impressive three stone since leaving the show, told the Daily Star: “I used to be in bits before filming or going out. My guts were in bits and I was never off the toilet.”

Gemma, 34, added that she “didn’t deserve” the hate messages that came her way aftera number of on-screen feuds with co-stars.

She said: “To be honest all the abuse on social media was a big reason. People think I’m tough as nails but I’m soft as s**t at the end of the day. I understand I came across as a b**ch the way it was edited but I didn’t deserve all the abuse.”

September 20th, 2015 by