Heatwave temperatures set to climb even HIGHER as Met Office issue level 3 health warning

Baking Britain is about to get even hotter with near 35C (95F) heat tomorrow threatening to melt roads.

Blazing sunshine, humidity and lack of wind this week will make it feel close to 38C (100F) in parts of the country.

Sun-lovers flocked to the great outdoors over the weekend as the mercury pushed past the 30C (86F) mark.

Hundreds of thousands of people headed to Britain’s coasts and beaches as temperatures matched parts of the Far East.

A Government heat alert – one tier below a level 4 national emergency – has been sent to hospitals and emergency services across the country.

A heat health warning has been issued as the country continues to bake in a mini-heatwave with temperatures set to climb even higher and fears people could die.

The nation baked in one of the hottest June weekends on record as the mercury soared around 15C above average for the time of year.

Extreme heat will hold out across the south this week although a freakish twist could bring a touch of frost elsewhere.

A cold front which brought fresher conditions to the north over the past few days will drift southwards, the Met Office said.

June 18th, 2017 by