Hotter than Egypt and hottest Feb day for 160 years with temps set to rocket to 18C

Britain is set for the hottest February 20th in 160 years on Monday – with temperatures of 18°C forecast.

A giant plume of warm air from Jamaica has been blown 5,000 miles in the direction of the UK and is set to make the country warmer than Egypt and most of the Mediterranean.

Conditions are described as set to be “exceptional”.

It won’t have been this warm on February 20 since 1857 when Queen Victoria sat on the throne – and the invention of the car was still three decades away.

Weathermen are even predicting a rush to beaches and parks while ice cream sellers consider opening – all unthinkable for a winter’s day.

Many people will want to make the most of it – as 80mph storms and snow are forecast to follow.

February 18th, 2017 by