Husband Found Guilty Of Wife’s Murder KILLS HIMSELF In Courtroom

At first, the death of teacher Anne Faville appeared to be a tragic accident. It looked like she’d been dining alone and had fatally choked on a piece of chicken – even an autopsy confirmed that theory.moderAs the years rolled by, Mark had become increasingly controlling over his wife. Feeling trapped, Anne had reconnected with a high-school sweetheart online and rekindled their romance.

On March 7, 2000, her online flame, Chris, called the police in a panic to say he hadn’t heard from Anne and he was worried. She’d told Chris she was going to tell Mark their marriage was over. Not long afterwards, Mark ran to a neighbour’s house shouting for help. He said he’d come home and found Anne’s lifeless body – he thought she’d choked on some food so he’d performed the Heimlich manoeuvre.

An autopsy said Anne had choked on food – probably a piece of chicken because some was found in her stomach. Her death was deemed accidental, though when the case was reopened, a medical examiner said Anne had been suffocated in a homicidal manner.

In 2013, Mark was charged with murder. The jury found Mark guilty of voluntary manslaughter, but as Mark was led away, court officials were heard yelling, “Drop it, drop it.” Suddenly, the courtroom was evacuated and it was revealed that Mark Faville had died from a self-inflicted wound. When justice finally caught up with Mark, he served his own sentence.

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