Jihadi threatened Manchester Arena attack one hour before explosion

A sick ISIS-supporting jihadi threatened a terrorist attack on Manchester one hour before the devastating explosion at the Manchester Arena.

Police say 22 people have been killed by and at least another 59 injured following a purported suicide bomb attack in the foyer outside the venue.US pop star Ariana Grande was in Manchester performing to some 21,000 fans – many of them children.As crowds left the venue it is believed the blast was detonated.

Soon after the attack, twisted Jihadi accounts began celebrating its devastating effects.

The sick account, Owys 663, threatened terror in Manchester just one hour before the incident.

The message read: “Are you just forget our threat [sic]? This is the just terror.”

The owner of the account then celebrated as news of the incident spread.

It continued: “In the name of Allah the merciful. You unbelievers, you see the day you pay the tribute to the Islamic state away and see it soon, God willing.”

The account has not been verified and could well be a sick troll, trying to stir up hatred.

Twitter later removed the account.

May 23rd, 2017 by