Middle lane hogger going 55mph dialled 999 to report police car flashing him

A middle lane hogger travelling at just 55mph rang 999 to report a police patrol car for flashing him to move out of the way.

Greater Manchester Police Salford West posted the incident on social media as a warning to other drivers.

They said the motorist has been driving along the M60 in the middle lane doing at under 60mph.

A patrol car drove up behind him, and flashed him, signalling for him to move over into lane one which was empty.

GMP Salford West posted on Facebook: “Would you believe the cheek of a man who phoned us to complain that he was driving along the M60 in the middle lane minding his own business at 55 mph when a police car came up behind him and flashed his headlights making him move across into the first lane.


September 7th, 2016 by