New mum told to go to the toilets to breastfeed in Costa

A new mother has said that she was told to go and breastfeed her 10-week-old son in the women’s toilets at a branch of Costa Coffee.

Hollie Dixon, from Brighouse, said that she was left embarrassed at following the incident in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

She said she has rarely been out on her own since giving birth to her son and this would have been the first time she had attempted to breastfeed in public.

‘I felt embarrassed and walked out,’ said Miss Dixon, who had already paid for a hot chocolate and a bottle of water.

‘I was already annoyed because when I entered with my pram as every single person watched me struggle as it wasn’t a automatic door and I was trying to get in. Then to be made to feel like that was just horrible. He wouldn’t like eating in a toilet so why should my baby.’

Miss Dixon had already placed her drinks order and was paying for them when she asked if they had a particular area where mothers could breastfeed.

She only went to Costa Coffee because Denzel was upset at the time and wanted feeding.

The member of staff responded by telling her to feed him in the women’s toilets.

‘I was told that Costa welcomes breastfeeding mothers and that is why I felt comfortable going in there and trying to feed in public. I heard Costa even had special areas or breastfeeding corners to help mothers have more privacy. I guess these areas must just be the toilets.’

February 21st, 2017 by