Police shoot man dead through car window then drag him out of car near M5 in Bristol

Police have swooped on a major road as terrified witnesses claim a motorist was blasted “ten times” by cops before being dragged on to the carriageway.

Witnesses have reported hearing “loud bangs” and “gunfire” coming from the busy road.

A man was reportedly chased off the motorway by cops before being shot through the window, Bristol Post reports.

One witness claimed a man was pinned in by three unmarked cars and armed cops surrounding an old red Vauxhall Corsa.

David Ellison has told BBC Radio Bristol: “As I came out of Portishead … police were ahead of me.

“They surrounded [a car]. They shot maybe five, six or ten times. Then they dragged a man from the car to resuscitate him.

“It came off the roundabout towards Portishead and then was boxed in by cars. They shot through the passenger window.

“There were one or two marked cars and two more unmarked vehicles.

“I would say it was a 20-year-old red Corsa – or something like that. It was quite small. It was very faded.”

Posting on the Facebook page Hello Portishead Mark De Lancey said: “I got up on the roundabout as the police were smashing the guys window and dragging him out. God knows what was happening.”

Kerrie Rees posted: “I heard something like firecrackers about 45 minutes ago. I did wonder if it was gun fire but though surely not in Portishead.”

BBC Bristol tweeted: “Eyewitness to M5 incident nr Gordano tells @johndarvall that @ASPolice officers fired several shots through passenger window of a car…”

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