Pupils refusing to wear blazers in 30C heat sent home from school

Three pupils were sent home from school after refusing to wear blazers during yesterday’s 30C heatwave, parents have claimed.

Bransholme Secondary School said the pupils were excluded for “rude and defiant behaviour”, believed to have been sparked after they refused to wear their jackets as temperatures soared.

Among the kids sent home was Reece Wolfe, 12, whose mum, Leanne Monkman, told the Hull Daily Mail he had almost fainted in the sweltering heat earlier in the day.

Headteacher of the Hull school, Dale Jackson, said pupils are required to wear blazers in the “well ventilated” corridors, adding that no students were sent home as a direct result of ignoring the rule.

But Reece said: “I was on the second floor and [a teacher] asked me to put the blazer on and I said no because my mum had told me to keep it off.

“He started having a go and started saying if I don’t put it on I would have to go to consequences [a room for disruptive pupils]. I said no because it would make me ill.

“When I went to reception they told me I’d been expelled.”

His mum added: “I was very angry. I think it’s wrong, in this weather. It can make children ill and they are forcing them to wear their blazers.”

Another mum has hit out at the school’s policy saying telling the Mail it’s “ridiculous” pupils have to wear blazers in hot weather

Mr Jackson said: “Yesterday no students were sent home as a direct results of not wearing their blazer.

“Three students, were however, sent home on ‘fixed term exclusions’ due to rude and defiant behaviour.

“This type of behaviour is simply not tolerated at Kingswood Academy.

“With regards to our uniform policy students must wear their blazers when moving around the Academy through the cool and well ventilated corridors and open spaces.

“Students are welcome to take off their blazers in lessons, when sat down eating at break and lunch times and when outside.”

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