Real Reason Simon Cowell Missing From The X Factor Tonight REVEALED

The X Factor was back on our screens tonight, but there was one person who wasn’t on the judging panel: Simon Cowell . Yes, the big boss missed a number of hopefuls grace the audition stage at the beginning of tonight’s episode.

But why, you may ask? Because he was running late and stuck in a traffic jam, of course. That meant that Sharon Osbourne and Nicole Scherzinger nominated Louis Walsh to be in charge for the day. “You’ve been here the longest – you run the show,” Sharon told him.

He relented and said: “Ok but we need two yeses.” Sharon threw her hands up and told him: “We don’t need any f***ing yeses, just put everybody through.” Laughing, they all took their seats and Louis, sitting between Nicole and Sharon, said: “We don’t need Simon!” Sharon agreed: “Simon who?!”

September 17th, 2017 by