Shock As “Apprentice” Star Told He Has “SIX MONTHS TO LIVE”

An Apprentice star has revealed he was told he had six months to live.apprAlan Sugar’s right hand man Claude Littner has spoken of the moment doctors revealed there wasn’t much hope.  He told The Mirror: “I thought I had a hernia but lots of players do, so I wasn’t worried. Then one day I had an argument with Alan, which is very rare. We were trading insults so I took a day off and popped to the doctor to check it out. But he said it wasn’t a hernia and packed me straight off to see a specialist.

“I was told I had six months to live.”  The businessman’s life was saved, however, by his sister Tina and a ground-breaking cell-stem transplant. He said: “I was only the 32nd person to have one, but first they had to find a donor whose tissues matched.

“I have one sister, Tina, but they said siblings aren’t a guaranteed match. They tested her anyway and, by an absolute miracle, she was an excellent match. So my sister saved my life. She doesn’t stop reminding me of that – but she really did! I have been cancer-free since March 2000 and I’m so glad I’m alive. I adore my wonderful family and feared I’d never see my grandchildren grow up.”

October 19th, 2015 by