Shock As Toddler Dies After “Innocent” Visit To Petting Zoo

The tragic death of a little boy has led to a police-led investigation into a county fair and its petting zoo.toddddThe Guay family were celebrating finding out that they were expecting their second child, a girl, last month, and they decided to treat 20-month-old son Colton to a day at the local Oxford County Fair. Just a week after the trip however, little Colton was admitted to hospital displaying symptoms of E.coli, and he tragically passed away on 29 September.

Colton’s father, Jon Guay, took to Facebook to share his story and send a very special message to parents everywhere in a heartbreaking post. Jon revealed that Colton died from haemolytic uremic syndrome, a condition brought on when bacteria releases a toxin that attacks red blood cells. In Colton’s case, it was his brain that came under attack from the bacteria.

Jon – and the father of another child who picked up E.coli after a trip to the same fair – is convinced that Colton picked up the condition at the fair’s petting zoo. An investigation has now been launched by the Maine branch of the Centres of Disease Control and Prevention, and toxins associated with E.coli have been discovered in its petting zoo and animal barns.

In his closing statement on Facebook, Jon issued the following message to families everywhere: “Many people have asked what they can do to help out and I ask that they give their children and/ or loved ones a great big hug. Life is precious and can be taken from you without warning. It is truly important to let those closest to you know how much you care about them.”

October 8th, 2015 by