Shocking Double Betrayal Of Mum Who Stole Daughter’s Boyfriend – & Her SON!

Heather Ford’s world fell apart a fortnight before her child was born.stuffHer mum Helen was to be her ­birthing partner. And she was smitten with her boyfriend Tom Thornton. But then Heather found out Helen, 41, was having a relationship with Tom, 24, and the pair had become a couple. Neither was at the birth to hold 19-year-old Heather’s hand.

And last week Heather, now 25, was kicked in the teeth again. Tom and Helen, who later got ­engaged, have won custody of her six-year-old son, who we cannot name for legal reasons.

Heather told the Sunday People: “That woman stole my man and now she’s stolen my son. “It’s sick. It’s as though she is trying to steal my whole life from me. I’ve already lost the man I trusted enough to have a child with, and the one person who was supposed to look after me. Now they’ve taken my boy from me I don’t know how I will go on.”

The shocking callousness was also devastating for Heather’s dad Barry, now 56, who had been happily married to Helen for 21 years. It was an especially harsh blow as Barry had introduced Heather to Tom, his colleague at a pet food factory.

October 18th, 2015 by