Snow is coming to many parts of the UK THIS WEEKEND will your area see it

According to the Met Office, almost everywhere will see snow at some point this weekend.

London and the rest of England are likely to see snow showers today and tonight with heavier showers possible in the early hours of Saturday.

Temperatures could also plummet as low as -10°C in isolated parts of Scotland and the Met Office has warned it could even be the coldest night of winter so far.

However, heavy snowfall across much of the UK is unlikely to materialise, forecasters say.

Some regions could wake up to a dusting of snow on Saturday morning with a light covering on higher ground from the Chilterns to the Pennines.

Areas along the East Coast will get most of the snow on Saturday while widespread showers of sleet and snow could spread as far west as the West Midlands and parts of Wales.

There will also be an accumulation of around a couple of inches (5cms) on the mountains of Wales and Scotland which will be slow to clear because of the sub-zero temperatures.

February 10th, 2017 by