Teen With Cancer Didn’t Tell Pals He Had Just Days To Live So They Wouldn’t Worry

A teenager with cancer chose not to tell his closest friends he had only weeks to live because he didn’t want them to worry about him. Liam Wright died aged just 18 after battling osteosarcoma, a rare bone cancer.Liam was diagnosed after pulling ligaments in his leg when he sustained a football injury. It appeared he was getting better but earlier this year he received the devastating news that the cancer was terminal.

Liam’s mum, Jane, said: “It was a shock to a lot of people. He didn’t want any of his friends to know, he wanted to protect everybody. He didn’t want anyone to know or for anyone to worry about him, other than his sisters and me. But that’s just how he was.”

Liam died at home surrounded by his close family. His sister Kerry said: “I went to tell his friends when he passed away, they just thought I was coming to tell them his cancer had got worse. Even our own Nanna didn’t know, because he didn’t want her to worry.”

December 22nd, 2016 by