Terror Alert As Armed Police Respond To Reports Of Gunfire


Armed police stormed a block of flats after terrified residents reported gunfire in south London.

Panicked onlookers called police after hearing shots and the sound of cars crashing in Stockwell on Saturday night.

Residents reported hearing screams in the clash at flats in Aytoun Road just after 11pm.

A police helicopter was scrambled and officers stormed the flats where they found evidence of shots fired, but no injured victims.

Minutes later, police were called to a separate shooting in Leys Court, Brixton Road where evidence of gunfire but no injured people were found.

Lois Roberts, a 25-year-old who lives in the Aytoun Road estate near Brixton Road, heard the “terrifying” ordeal play out in a flat opposite hers.

Forensic officers were dispatched to the scene police are investigating whether a potential victim has “self-presented” at hospital with gunshot wounds.

September 5th, 2016 by