The Royal Navy square up to Chinese warships in The English Channel

The Royal Navy swooped on a flotilla of Chinese warships primed to carry out war drills in a tense stand off in the English Channel.

HMS Richmond tracked down the Chinese ships off the coast of Britain as they prepared to carry out joint military exercises with Russia in the Baltic Sea.

In a show of Britain’s defence capabilities, the Type 23 frigate tailed the Chinese destroyers as they sailed through the Strait of Dover over the weekend.

Just days earlier, the advanced guided missile destroyers had taken part in in live firing exercises in the Mediterranean.


Kremlin vessels are regularly escorted through waters off Britain as Vladimir Putin flaunts his military capabilities.

But Chinese vessels are a rare occurrence, suggesting the communist nation is also looking to project its power on the global stage.

China is holding military exercises with Putin’s forces in the Baltic Sea from July 21 to July 28.


July 19th, 2017 by