Woman begs her injured partner to ‘hold on’ during London terrorist attack

Harrowing footage has emerged showing bystanders rushing to save the lives of injured pedestrians on London Bridge as one woman is heard begging her loved on to ‘hold on’ while paramedics fought to save him.

The unnamed woman said: ‘Stay with me, please, I love you. Don’t let those f****** get away with it. Come on, please’, as a paramedic and police office gave him CPR on London Bridge.

He is believed to be one of 48 brutally injured by three crazed men brandishing 12-inch knives who went on a stabbing spree and murdered seven late last night.

Witnesses described seeing ‘bodies everywhere’ after the white van with a B&Q logo weaved across the bridge at around 50mph southbound towards The Shard.

The knifemen then ran through nearby Borough Market, stabbing victims at random shouting ‘This is for Allah’, according to victims.

One woman’s throat was slit while she was eating a meal in a restaurant while others were ran over when the trio ploughed into pedestrians in a white van.

Now a number of video and pictures have emerged showing the devastating impact of the attack in the immediate aftermath.

June 4th, 2017 by