Women who suffer from period pains should get 3 paid days off work each month

WOMEN who suffer period pains should get three paid days off work each month for “menstrual leave”, says an expert.

Gynaecologist Dr Gedis Grudzinskas said it would make them “more happy and comfortable” and be positive for employers.

But critics claimed small businesses would be crippled or would chose to employ men. The row comes after a survey of 1,000 women for the BBC found 52 per cent had suffered cramps so severe it affected their ability to work.

Only 27 per cent told their boss that period pain was responsible, with many choosing to “suffer in silence”.

Dr Grudzinskas said: “Some women suffer terribly. I don’t think they should be shy about it, and companies should be accommodating. If women feel supported, it will be a happy and productive workforce.”

Employment lawyer Fiona Morrison, of Brodies LLP in Aberdeen, said severe period pains could even be considered a disability.


September 24th, 2016 by